The 2012 AWI European / Hero Cup Championships

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The year is Saturday September 1st 2012 8:00 am. The summer decided to take a brake , weather forecast of today says rain and low temps. No one in Pforzen, Germany seems to want to spend the day outside.

No one?


A very illustrious group of top notch discdoggers from 9 European nations is unstoppable and gets ready to battle for the title of the 2012 AWI European / Hero Cup Champion !!!


They came from near and far no matter if it is going to rain all day or not , they are on the field and show off with their skills in the best sport of the world.


With a little delay we started at 10: 20 am with the first freestyle round and the rain held back a bit, just like it would knew that this was going to be a memorable day! Right with the first team in freestyle our judges from 3 countries ( Björn Tigges, Germany / Chris Jolink, Netherlands and Peter Seftsik, Hungary ) started to have a hard time. Discdogging at the highest level and not just 3 or 4 or maybe 7 teams....NO! 34 top teams from all over Europe made judging everything but not easy at this day, and with every team on the field the crime story got more and more thrilling!

And with every team on the field the atmosphere around the field got more hot and excited! This group of discdoggers showed what it means to be a family and support each other. Every team got cheered from everyone, tents got shared and party atmosphere under the tents started to grow more and more with every minute we realized that the sun will not stop by for us today.

By the end of the first round of Freestyle round, I bet many people already had an idea who could make it today. And then the T/C round started and the thrill reached the next level! Who will bring in the most points to make it to the cut of the best 15 teams of the day?? As the keeper of the scores at this day, all I can say... the T/C can safe a bad Freestyle round and turn round the results :)

Just in time for the brake to calculate the top 15 teams for the overall and the T/C only the rain came in again and so everyone used the chance to warm up , chill and socialize at the restaurant for a while.

One hour later we were ready,ready to start the final rounds. The top 15 teams got ready to enter the field and perform for our awesome judges again.

And then …. no one thought this would happen....but it did....the thrill again jumped to the next higher level!! Like they all had one day to rest and recover, all teams stepped on the field and rocked like I never saw them rock the field before!! Goos skin !! What a battle and what an atmosphere!!Standing ovations and cheering over and over again!


And then the last disc of the day was caught and the hardest time for the teams broke.... waiting for the final results.

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A never ending one hour later we started the award ceremony. Like we do it here in Europe, every team got called to come to the front,get it´s score sheet and players packet . And the incredible atmosphere from the field was right back in the house!! Cheering and singing for every single team! And the closer we came to the top, the louder it got! By the time we reached the top 10, I already had to make long brakes for to wait till I could hear my voice again. No need to mention how it ended for the Best Freestyle team ( Timo Kehlbeck and Ronja, EuropeanChampion from 2011 ) and for the top 3 teams ( 3rd Matteo Gaddoni and Flower, 2nd Adrian Stoica and Rory )!! And the moment , when it was more than clear who is our new AWI European/ HeroCup Champion team … it was hard to speak for me...just one look at Christina with tears in her eyes and mine filled with tears,too... a heard touching moment for all around....such a great team who well deserved this title!! CONGRATS!!!

Then we all took a deep breath after this never been there award ceremony, it was time to celebrate!! To celebrate our new Champion and our INCREDIBLE group of friends who more feel like we are a family! I cannot remember to ever had a party with such AWESOME people, so much laughter,singing and late night ( or better early morning ? ) disc golf!!


Thank you ALL!! For your support, for this unbelievable feedback you gave us, for your helping hands,for just EVERYTHING!!! THANK YOUUUUU!


Not to forget, almost every team member of TeamHeroEurope was qualified and attended!! And the top places are FULL of TeamHeroEurope members!!

T/C Only: 1st Christina Weiss / Ronja , 2nd Bettina Koch / Tabasco , 3rd Jean McCollister / Olivia , 6th Istvan Fodor / Fanni

Open: 1st Christina Weiss / Ronja , 3rd Matteo Gaddoni / Flower , 5th Timo Kehlbeck / Ronja , 6th Bettina Koch / Tabasco , 8th and 9th Jean McCollister / Olivia and BammBamm,11th Istvan Fodor / Fanni, 12th Eva Zwicker / Enya

Best Freestyle Team : Timo Kehlbeck / Ronja


A very special thanks goes to:

HeroDiscUSA as the sponsor of the AWI


Björn Tigges my right hand in all the managing especially for his help with the web stuff!!

Uwe Geiberger for being right in my back with any support I need

Peter Seftsik and Chris Jolink for driving all the way to make it happen to have international judges for an international event.

Timo Kehlbeck for hosting the EC at such a wonderful location!

Timos Dad for standing in the not that nice weather all day and give us the music!

To ALL participants who drove all the way to attend.

To ALL HOSTS of the Qualifier events all over Europe! Without you this series would not exist and you did awesome jobs!!!

And thank you to Gelavet for managing a spontanious sponsoring for the EC :)


I´m pretty sure I forgot someone...if so please don´t be bad with me! I don´t mean to do so! My head is just still full of this wonderful weekend!!


Again,THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything ,for making this event and the series what it was and all the support! AND for having a SUPER AWESOME time together!


Looking forward to see you all as soon as possible again!!


Julia Zimmermann

AWI EuropeanTournament Director

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