Point Deductions

Point deductions will be discussed as necessary by all judges at the end of the routine and only if all 3 judges are in agreement, deductions will be reflected in the score for the freestyle category  (Dog, Human, or Team), or in the Overall score, that the deduction should apply to.Judges hsould also make the competitor aware if any deductions were applied at their earliest convenience, but definitely before their next round of Freestyle , so adjustments can be made if necessary to prevent any further deductions.

The following actions may result in a lower score.
Contortion: when a canine twists its body to a degree which could lead to injury while jumping, catching or landing.
Buckle/Slam: an unstable landing during which a part of the canine's body other than the feet lands on the ground, except when a canine's face touches the ground due to chasing a low throw or similar situations.

Competitors starting their routines with more than 9 discs will receive a deduction of minus one point applied to the Human Category.

Players are performers. Your overall performance can and will be partially judged by how you conduct yourself once you enter and exit the field of competition. Conduct on the field before, during, or after a freestyle round which is perceived by a judge as inappropriate or unsportsmanlike may negatively affect your freestyle score.

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