What is it?

The organizer of discdogging competitions are confronted with the question, who can be judge at their events, more and more frequently.
This pagechapter now has set it self the task, to provide an approach.

The main focus is not on the body of rules to judge, it is much more on the single factors of a performance, which is to judge. These elements are human, dog,team and overall, which create the basic of judgement in almost every body of rules. Judges with long term experience will be shown in the lists of this page as headjudge.

Beside of just categorize the existing judges, we furthermore want to give all players, who are interested, to act as judge. Cause of this reason,we offer a great plenty of judging workshops and corresponding online trainings,where we impart the basics of the described elements.In addition we offer at divers competitions the option,to be shadow judge and to mediate the corresponding contacts.