Björn Tigges

For Björn Discdogging is not just a sport or a nice possibility to interact with his dog. For Björn Discdogging became lifestyle. From beginning on ( 2004 ) he integrated into the scene and is significant responsible for preservation and growing of the Disdogging culture. He is not just a player, he is Freestyler, host, entertainer, author, organizer, judge, trainer and seminar facilitator.


Julia Zimmermann

Since 2001 Julia is worldwide an integral part of the Discdog-szene. Everything started with her first dog Lara ,cause she was searching for a job for her Border Collie. Julia is common at lots of competitions,not just in Europe,in the United States,too,where she competed at World Championships many times. 2010 Julia won the European Championships in the Freestyle category and got 3rd in Overall. Furthermore Julia and Lara show their skills at shows and pass on their knowledge to all who are interested.For example in the book " Discdogging-Tips and tricks for beginners and advanced".She also is very active as organizer of competitions. And if she is not on the competitonfield,she is sitting on the judging banc.