Workshop Conditions

Course of action:

  • Workshop about 3-4 hours for FS and T&C at almost each AWI Q event
  • 4 online courses via Skype for the 4 most common FS judging criteria. 4 weeks in a row, 1 hour at a evening during the week
  • 2 times shadow judging with a judge we recommend
  • 1 time judging with an experienced judge sitting next for help if necessary

We guess at the end a participant is able to judge.
We don´t give any certifications!
This is a private offer to help people to start with judging in general.

Recommend for taking part at one of those workshops:

  • Playing Discdogging for at least ½ year
  • competed at least 2 times at a Discdog competition
  • opportunity to shadow judge / judge with us/a judge we recommend, at one of the AWI Q
  • a Skype account and the equipment for making calls via Skype

The workshop/s are for FREE! We don´t charge anything