Footreverseflip ( >> Vault )

Grip: Backhand

Technique: The disc is held vertical. The player lies on the ground the legs in the air. The dog is placed behind the legs and the soles of the feet have to show to the dogs direction for the dog can use them as launching pad. The distance between the dog and the player should not be to much or to less. The moment the dog jumps to the feet, the disc is thrown in vertical angle up and to the front high over the feet. The disc should not be thrown to far away, for the dog still can catch it. Like this the dog is guided to jump back into the direction he started from. At the highest point the dog catches the disc and flips in the air.

Backhand + summersault

Grip: backhand

Technique: The disc is thrown backhand to the front and at the moment of the release a jumped summersault is done ( to the back or front ).

Gitis ( backhand around the far leg )

Grip: Backhand

Technique: You are in all-fours position, the butt is lifted. The leg of the throwing arm side gets lifted. The disc is guided around the leg on the ground.

Figure four ( reverse under leg )

Grip: Sidearm

Technique: The leg of the throwing arm side got bend in the knee and lifted. The throwing arm gets moved under the leg from the inside of the leg. Now the disc is thrown out of this position into the direction of the leg the player is standing at.

About the Content

What is was ment to be:
A book with a collection of throws for Discdogging.
What it is:
An open online source of throws for Discdogging.

Many years ago , Conny Sawicki and Julia Zimmermann , had this idea and worked real long on it.
Unfortunately it was not possible for them to realize it as book ( costs and cause there are always new things and the book then had to be made new again ).
So their decision went to the ope source online version, for everyone can join.
Be it to add new stuff or a different variation how a throw is done.

This collection has NO claim of correctness!!!
Everyone has a different way to perform a throw / trick.
Please see this collection just as suggestion of what is possible with a disc and a dog.

It is still important:
For learning our wonderful sport , the best is to get instructed from an experienced player / trainer.

With this in mind, lots of fun with browsing around and extending the collection!!